Happy International Day of Peace! Let’s all celebrate by coming together and giving a little more love, today.

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10 years ago we launched News Feed. Many things have changed, but it's been inspiring to watch News Feed grow as a place where people share and discover what's meaningful, together.

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Ο χρήστης Facebook κοινοποίησε το live video του Mark Zuckerberg.

Building a more connected world is an opportunity to listen to the world's many voices. Join Mark as he chats with developers on his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa — live now.

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Ο Mark Zuckerberg έκανε μετάδοση live.

Live with developers and entrepreneurs in Lagos!

The Opening Ceremonies are today! As the world comes together for the Olympic Games, show your support by adding a frame to your profile picture. Click here to try it: http://facebook.com/rio2016frames

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